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Hi there. I’m Amiee. Thank you so much for visiting my site!

It’s a place where I share Chinese food culture and my cooking. At the same time, I use this blog to record life and culinary experiences. Chinese food culture is special which combines Chinese medicine, philosophy, solar terms, and traditions. That is why I want to share with you.

Anyone likes the meal that mom makes, and the food you ate when you were young has become part of your genes. All of  the Chinese dishes such as dumplings,noodles, vegetables, pastries, and snacks made my Chinese stomach. I love Chinese food and cooking. However, with the increase of age, I pay more attention to health, try to make the food balanced, try to eat cold food as little as possible, adjust the diet with the season, and abide by the principles of traditional Chinese food culture, which has become an important guide for my diet.I also hope to share with you more information about Chinese healthy diet.

Thank you dearly for stopping by my site, and please feel free to drop me a note or leave a comment.

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  1. thank you so much! I was born in Xi’an but I grew up in Toronto, Canada.
    And my parents were not embedded in the culture so, I really appreciate all these recipes!

    • Hi,jae

      Thanks for your visting my blog.
      I will be very happy to share more recipes with you. Hope they bring you nice food and happiness.

      Have a nice day!

  2. Came here to understand what the Dao De King meant by

    “A big country has to be run the way one fries small fish”

    Thanks for the help !


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