Century Eggs

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What is it?

Centry eggs are also called SongHua eggs, Changed eggs, Bian egss etc. It is an alkaline food made from duck eggs after special processing.


According to legend, during the Taichang period of the Ming Dynasty, the owner of a small tea house in Wujiang County, Jiangsu Province poured the brewed tea into the ashes. By coincidence, the ducks raised by the owner loved laying eggs in the ashes. When the owner picked up the eggs, it was inevitable that there would be omissions. . Once, the owner of the shop found a lot of duck eggs while removing the ashes and tea dregs. He thought he couldn’t eat them anymore. Unexpectedly, when you peel it off, the inside is dark and shiny, and there are white patterns on it. Smell it, a special scent is tangy; taste it, it is fresh. This is the original century eggs.

How to serve

Century eggs are usually served with ginger or vinegar. Some people like to dip them in sweet and sour sauce. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that century eggs are cold food, so it is good to eat with chili.

Where to buy

If there is an Asian vegetable market near you, you can buy them there. If not, online shopping is also very convenient.

Note: Century eggs should not be eaten with turtles, plums and brown sugar.

If you are a fan of preserved eggs, try dishes made with century eggs.

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