Chinese Lucky Foods for Lunar New Year

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2021)

For the Chinese, the spring festival is the most important festival of the year. Family members get together to set off the old year and welcome the new year. All kinds of declious food will be shown at this time, of course including lucky foods with good meanings. Although the customs and foods are not the same in different places, they all entrust good hopes for new year.

  1. Dumplings

The notherners eat dumplings on New Year’s Eve and they must be eaten at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night to take the meaning of “Geng Sui Jiao Zi” which means the time has reached 12 o’clock and transitioned from the old year to the new year. In the Chinese language, the pronunciation of dumplings is similar to Jiao Zi. Also the shape of dumplings is like ingots-ancient money, symboling more wealth in the new year.

The vegetables of the dumpling fillings also have meaning:

Celery: represents work hard to get money

Leek: represents long-term wealth

Chinese cabbage: represents a hundred kinds of wealth

2. A whole fish

A whole fish is a must on dinner table. Northerners like fish braised in brown sauce and southerners love fish steamed.

The pronunciation of word”fish”  in Chinese is the same as the word”surplus” which means there are leftover every year.

3. Spring rolls

The spring festival is the beginning of the year, and also the starting of the spring. The custom is to eat spring rolls which means auspicious on this day.

4. Rice cakes

The prounciations is Niao Gao in Chinese means social status or position is getting higher every year.

5. Pork trotters

Stewed pork trotters is indispensable for Southerners. It means there will be money in hand.

6. Chicken

The  pronunciation of chicken in Chinese is like”auspicious” in English. It means good lucky will be with you in the coming year.

7. Steamed sponge cake

To eat steamed sponge cake is the custom of the Cantonese, which means getting rich and rising.

8. Glutinous rice balls(Tang Yuan)

The glutinous rice balls are round shape represents family reunion.

9. Deepfried glutinous ball(Jian Dui)

The deepfried glutinous balls with white sesame represents money filling the house.

10. Noodles

The seventh day of the first lunar month is Person’s Day in tradition when people eat noodles. The custom of eating noodles is to get longevity meaning.

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