Chinese Mung Bean Soup with Tangerine Peel

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I am very happy that today is the beginning of autumn solar term. It means that the weather is starting to cool in the morning and evening. But the intense heat during the daytime will still continue for some days. At the end of this summer, I want to this Chinese mung bean soup with tangerine peel.

Many people want to eat ice cream, popsicles and all food with ice in summer. I want to say that it is not good for the body. We only eat some cold food in nature to balance the heat well, such as mung beans, lotus rootkelp and so on. Mung bean soup which has a sand-like taste and the fragrance of mung beans is too suitable for drinking in summer. I also added tangerine peel, the aroma of orange peel makes the mung bean paste more charming.Why should I add tangerine peel? Mung bean is cool in nature, but tangerine peel is warm, a perfect combination.

Let us further explore their traditional Chinese medicine properties from the book- Compendium of Materia Medica

Mung bean:  sweet, cold, nourishing vitality, harmonizing the five internal organs, calming the spirit, and detoxifying.

Tangerine peel: bitter, pungent, warm. Relieve vomiting and coughing. Facilitate urination, clear phlegm, cure indigestion, and benefit the spleen and stomach.In fact, tangerine peel is made from orange peel over time. We can say that orange peel is fruit peel, but tangerine peel is traditional Chinese medicine which has oo much medicinal value. So why not?

With simple steps and ingredients, you need an electric pressure cooker, a blender, mung beans, rock sugar, tangerine peel, and water. A bowl of green bean paste is right in front of you.


Chinese Mung Bean Soup with Tangerine Peel

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 45 minutes
Course Soup
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 2


  • electric pressure cooker
  • Food breaker


  • 100 gram mung bean
  • 16 gram rock sugar
  • one piece tangerine peel
  • 700ml water


  • Add water, mung bean, rock sugar and tangerine peel to the electric pressure cooker
  • Press the button for bean or meat
  • 40 minutes later, it is done.
  • Transfer to the food breaker, make into the sand soup.


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