Chinese Pancake with Sesame Paste

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Farewell to the long summer, Guangdong where I live finally enters a cool autumn.The lower temperature makes me more appetite. Then I tried this pancake with sesame paste which is one of my favorite ingredients today.

For people who live in Beijing of China, they can’t live without sesame paste all the year. People in northern China like to eat salty more than people in southern China, and sesame sauce is more with salt to show its taste.  There are Such perfect combinations for using it to serve noodles, hot pot, and salad dishes. In well-know recipe Hot Dry noodles from Wuhan city, it is definitely the soul.  Sesame paste and its mother sesame seeds in this pancake, what you can taste is a strong fragrance.

How to make the dough

Add pinch of salt and yeast in the flour to improve the dough’s toughness and softness. The water should be added slowly until it becomes a firm dough, don’t add too much. Then cover the dough and let the dough rest for 20-30 minutes. Chinese called it ” Reviving dough”. This step is important for all the Chinese recipes which includes a dough.

Use the oil to dilut the sesame paste

In order to better spread the sauce on the thin dough,  use the vegetable oil to dilute the sesame paste  beforehand. The sauce I mixed today is a bit like a liquid. Though the dough roll couldn’t be sealed for both ends, it does not affect its deliciousness at all. 

Before baking


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