Chinese Preserved Limes

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People who come to the Hong Kong Tea Restaurant will know a drink- Salted lemon 7 Up. The main ingredient is salted preserved lime. Ice cubes, one salted preserved lime, and a can of 7 UP are made a well -known summer drink.

The ancient Chinese medicine book “A Supplement to the Compendium of Materia Medica” records that salting limes with time will turn black color after a long time, it can cure phlegm and is good for the stomach. Many Cantonese people have a jar or jars of salted preserved limes in their homes. They think that the longer the time, the better the effect.

Salty preserved limes can usually be soaked in water to relieve throat pain and cough, and can also be used for the treatment of early colds. There are also many ways to eat salted preserved limes, with porridge, boiled soup, minced for cooking seafood. It can remove the fishy taste. 

The practice of salted preserved limes is very simple, only salt, limes and time are needed.


  • 1500 gram limes,washed and drained
  • About 750 gram salt or more


Glass bottle with lid or Korken jar


  1. Wash the bottle and let it dry, keep the surface of the glass bottle free of water and oil

  2. Sprinkle a layer of salt on the bottom of the bottle, put a layer of lime, and then sprinkle a layer of salt, repeat the action until the lemon is used up.
  3. Close the lid and set it aside, shaking it after a few days to get salt on each lemon or add salt more.
  4. After a few months or years, serve with water or  7 up, otherwise cooked for seafood or meat.
Chinese preserved lime in a jar

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