Chinese Red Bean Paste Buns

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When making this red bean paste buns,  I remembered that when I was a child,  my grandma made a lot of red bean paste buns before the Spring Festival every year.  At that time,  I had red bean paste balls as a snack until I was full. For me, red beans are definitely the king of all kinds of pastry fillings. Simple, easy to make and delicious.

Li Shizhen, the author of the Compendium of Materia Medica, calls red bean the valley of the heart, which shows that red beans have a good nourishing effect on the heart. It is necessary to eat some red beans to maintain our hearts in daily life.

Red bean paste or with some granulated bean

If you like complete red bean paste, breaker can help. In this recipe, I used red bean paste with some granulated bean, there is no best, as long as you like. Either way, the electric pressure cooker is an essential equipment. The hard shell of the beans can be easily broken in only 35 minutes.


  • The dough is not easy to ferment in winter. Add warm water when stirring flour and let the dough rest in  a warm environment are all to help it ferment.
  • The red beans should be soak for half an hours or more, So it will become softer and easier to cook.

1.For the dough

2.The red bean paste buns instructions

Chinese Red Bean Paste Buns

Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 1 hour
Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 5


  • steamer
  • electric pressure cooker


  • 400 gram red bean
  • 50 gram sugar or more for the red bean paste
  • 500 gram flour
  • 5 gram yeast
  • 230 ml water for the dough( according to the the water absorption of flour)
  • 5 gram sugar for the dough


  • Soak the red bean about half an hour, add them to the electronic pressure, Add water just above the beans,Press the boiled meat button until the program is completed.
  • Add sugar to the red bean cooked, Mash the beans with a spoon
  • Make the paste into balls, about 15 balls
  • Mixed some water, yeast, sugar well
  • Add yeast water, water to the flour, stirring with chopsticks slowly, Make them into a dough, cover with a cloth or pot lid, set aside for 40 minutes or more.(water should be add slowly. )
  • Take one part white dough , roll it , Let it be into a cylinder.
  • Divide cylinder into several cylinders, flatten it, and make them into wrappers with a rolling pin.
  • Add  the red bean paste balls on each wrapper, fold the wrappers make about 15  pork buns.
  • Let them rest in a steamer for about 30 minutes or more, about twice as big
  • Steaming for 15 minutes after boiling the water, turn off the heat.
  • Do not open the lid immediately, and then open it after about 5 minutes.


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