Project Description

Chinese Traditional Mung Bean Cakes


Mung beans are traditional Chinese food for relieving heat in summer. Chinese medicine believes that mung beans are cold food. The wise Chinese make mung beans into mung bean soup, mung bean cake, mung bean porridge, etc., enriching the summer recipes.

The mung bean cake I shared today is a traditional recipe. When I was a child, I often ate this kind of snack. Unlike the current mung bean cake, it does not need to peel the mung beans, and the cooking method is simple. People are always used to looking for feelings in their memories, and I am no exception. I like the style of old-fashioned mung bean cake and the taste.


  • 500 gram mung beans
  • 30 gram sugar
  • some water about 3 tablespoon


  1. Use a pulverizer to crush mung beans, then filter them with a flour sieve,  transfer to a bowl
  2. Steaming the mung bean powder for 30 minutes, set aside and cool to room temperature
  3. Add  sugar to the mung bean powder , then add water, stirring slowly, mixed well
  4. Add them to a  square mold, compacted.
  5. Steaming again for 20 minutes.
  6. Cut into pieces with a knife and decorate with red pigment
  7. Serve with tea or as snack only.