7 Ways to Wrap Dumplings – How to Fold Chinese Dumplings

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Eating dumplings during the Spring Festival is a Chinese tradition.

Dumplings have become an indispensable food during the Spring Festival for four reasons:

First, Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new

According to ancient customs, dumplings are a food eaten after New Year sacrifices. During the Chinese New Year, people eating it when they say goodbye to old year, that is, eating it at Zi Shi(midnight). This is the turn of two years, the time to welcome the New Year and say goodbye to the old. It has special significance and takes the meaning of “Jiao Zi(饺子)”,Jiao means alternation, and Zi means Zi Shi(子时),which refers to the time period from 23:00 to 1:00 am. That has a similar pronunciation to ”dumpling“.

Second, wealth and good luck

The dumplings are shaped like ingots. People eat dumplings during the Spring Festival to “bring in wealth”.

Third, symbol of reunion

The Spring Festival is the most important traditional festival in China and a time for the whole family to reunite. The process of making dumplings requires the participation of the whole family. From mixing the dough, rolling out the wrappers, to fold dumplings, every step reflects the family atmosphere of unity and cooperation. Therefore, dumplings have become a symbol of reunion, implying that family members are reunited and living in harmony.

Fourth, Historical legend

There is a widely circulated legend about the origin of eating dumplings. It is said that in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the medical sage Zhang Zhongjing(张仲景) discovered that many poor people had frostbitten ears during a severe cold wave, so he invented a kind of pasta shaped like ears (the predecessor of dumplings), which contained medicinal materials and meat, and was cooked and distributed to the poor. Prevent frostbite. Since then, dumplings have been associated with protection and warmth.

There are different ways to make dumplings in every place. Today I will show you 7 ways to make dumplings.

Prepare dumpling wrappers and dumpling fillings. You can buy ready-made dumplings from the market, but of course making your own dumpling wrappers is better

  1. Paunch style

2. Sunflower style

3. Crescent style

4. Ear of wheat style

5. Wave style

6. Gold ingot style

7. Simple half moon style

7 Ways to Wrap Dumplings

How to Fold Chinese Dumplings
Course Main Course
Cuisine Chinese


  • Dumpling wrappers
  • Dumpling fillings


  • Paunch Style
  • Sunflower Style
  • Crescent Style
  • Ear of Wheat Style
  • Wave Style
  • Gold Ingot Style
  • Simple Half Moon Style


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