Perilla(Shiso) Leaf

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The shiso leaf is an annual erect herb, often more than 1 meter tall, growing pilose, broadly ovoid or nearly round, 7 to 13 cm long, 4.5 to 10 cm wide, with tear-like thick serrations on the edge. The adaptability is very strong, as long as there is a place where the plant grows, the perilla leaf can grow. It grows in all provinces and regions in the north and south of China. Widely distributed in eastern and southeastern Asia.

The history of Chinese people’s consumption of Suzi Ye can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. The shiso  leaves can be eaten raw,  used to make tea, stir-fry, marinated with salt, and can also be servedd with grilled meat.

How to prepare

The freshly picked  shiso leaves can be processed and eaten in time, otherwise they will turn yellow and deteriorate.

TCM Characteristics

Nature: Warm

Flavour: Spicy

Indications:  It has the effects of relieving the appearance and dispelling cold, inhibiting bacteria and detoxification, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, regulating qi and restoring fetus. The perilla leaves have a special fragrance, which can detoxify fish, shrimps and crabs.

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