Preserved Leaf Mustard(MeiGan Cai梅干菜)

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The famous Preserved Leaf Mustard is mainly produced in two places in China: Zhejiang Province and Guangdong Province. People in Zhejiang generally pickled their own homemade Preserved Leaf Mustard that was a tribute in ancient timesand  and used it as a standing vegetable. Preserved Leaf Mustard(梅干菜) is also a popular dish of the Cantonese Hakka, which is well-known at home and abroad.

People living in Zhejiang refer to pickled bok choy, cabbage, and leaf mustard as MeiGancai(梅干菜). MeiGanCai(梅干菜) of people live in Guangdong refer to pickled leaf mustard only.

Leaf mustard contains glucosinolates, protein and minerals. The glucosinolate is hydrolyzed to produce volatile mustard oil, and the protein is decomposed to produce amino acids, so the processed pickles have a unique fragrance and delicious taste. The MeiGanCai we often use for cooking are mainly pickled lefa mustard.

Dried preserved leaf mustard can be used for steaming, braising, and soup. If they are cooked together with meat or fish will have a unique flavor.

The effect of traditional Chinese medicine, Meigan Cai(梅干菜) can relieve heat, clear internal organs, promote body fluids productions and appetite, and help digestion.

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