Spinach Soup with Egg

(Last Updated on December 4, 2023 by Amiee)

Today’s spinach soup with egg  is a quick and simple cooking that is  often made by Chinese families. For the Chinese, having dishes and soup on the table is a healthy and nutritious meal. Whether it is the old fire soup of the Cantonese or the quick soup of the northerners, as long as there is a soup, the match is perfect.

Just like tomato and egg soup, spinach soup with egg is also nutritious and has an appetizing color. The point is to do it well in less than ten minutes. The staple food is paired with steamed buns or scallion pancakes, which are good choices.


For making this soup, the timing is very important. Spinach is easy to cook, and the soup is basically ready when the water is boiled for some seconds. It should not be overcooked.

The egg liquid should be fully whipped and poured into the pot slowly, the heat should be turned off when the water boiled again.

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