Spring Rolls with Red Bean Paste

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If vegetable spring rolls are a dish, then spring rolls with red bean paste should be regarded as a pastry(Dian Xin). What is Dian Xin? For Chinese people, it is a snack between two meals.  Foods that can be called Dian Xin are usually made of flour and have a sweet taste.

When I was living in the north of China, I could buy ready-made spring rolls with red bean fillings at the vegetable market. It was convenient for me to deep fry them which can be nice snack quickly with oil. The deep-fried spring roll wrappers become crispy, plus sweet red bean paste,  so I can’t stop eating it.  I find that I love red beans so much that I have made so many recipes using red beans as the ingredient.

I often make some red bean paste and put it in the refrigerator, and take it out to make some snacks when I want to eat it. Today’s spring rolls used red bean paste made by myself, but the spring roll wrappers were bought online.  To serve with ketchup is a nice option, as the sweet and sour taste is a match made in heaven.


Don’t let the spring rolls be fried for too long, they will be burnt. The spring roll wrappers and fillings are cooked,  it is ok when the color brown. It only takes serveral seconds.

Spring Rolls with Red Bean Paste

Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese
Servings 4


  • Pot for deep-fried


  • 200 gram red bean paste added sugar
  • One box spring rolls wrappers, about 25 pieces
  • One or two cup oil for deep-frying


  • Add some red bean paste on a wrapper, Fold and roll into a cylinder
  • Made about 25 spring rolls
  • Heat oil pot over moderate heat. then add 3-5 spring rolls, deep-frying until brown color, transfer to a dish
  • Serve with ketchup immediately
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