Project Description

Sticky Rice Cake with Brown Sugar


Sticky rice cake with brown sugar is a traditional fame snack in Sichuan of China. Sticky rice is used as a ingredient for many Chinese desserts. Soy bean powder and glutinous rice are a regular combination, just like another sum I made before—glutinous-rice-rolls-sweet-bean-flour. In China, brown sugar is a good food for women to nourish their bodies. This dessert added brown sugar is nutritious and delicious.

The difference between traditional method and what I cooked is the shape. Maybe I think it’s easier to make a circle than a square. And I didn’t use pan-frying, because  it’s  better for digestion and health.


Sticky rice powder about 200 gram, 4/5 cup water for mixing sticky rice

Brown sugar 60 gram

150 gram cooked soy bean powder

1/2  cup water


Add water to stick rice powder gradually, untill became liquid.

Transfer to a steamer, steaming for about 15 minutes untill cooked through.

Put rice dough on soy bean powder,  let it stick soy bean powder, then make it into some small round balls. transfer to a plate.

Add brown suagr and water to a wok, bring a boiling, untill sticky, pour on the sticky rice balls.

Serve immediately