Stir Fry Potato Sliced

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Today’s stir fry potato sliced that consumes more rice  is a vegetarian dish that I often cook. This dish is not just potato as an ingredient, I also added two pointed pepper. I think the stir-fried potato sliced taste better with spiciness.

When stir-frying this dish, you can’t use high heat to prevent the potato slices from burning. Use medium and low heat and a little patience. In fact, no matter how you stir fry, you will end up with a layer of burnt starch on the wok.

Regarding whether the potato slices should be soaked in water to remove the starch on the surface. My habit is to run through the water because I like the texture of the potato slices to be slightly crispier. Potatoes without soaking are easy to stir fry and are soft.

China is still in the Spring Festival period, and it doesn’t really end until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. Fish and meat are the protagonists on every dining table during the holiday, and eating some potato slices is also a kind of adjustment.

Cooking Tips:

  • If you want crispy potato chips, soak them in water.
  • Stir fry the potato sliced over medium-low heat to prevent burning.
  • Stir Fry Potato Sliced

    Prep Time 10 minutes
    Cook Time 5 minutes
    Course Main Course
    Cuisine Chinese
    Servings 2


    • Wok for stir-frying


    • One potato about 270 gram, peeled, sliced, soak in the water
    • 2 green pointed pepper, remove the root and core, sliced
    • 10 gram scallions, chopped
    • 3 cloves garlic, chopped
    • 1 tablespoon light soy sauce,
    • 1/2 teaspoon salt
    • 4 tablespoon oil


    • Add 4 tablespoon oil to the wok, heat over medium-low heat, add chopped scallions and garlic chopped, stir-frying for 5 seconds
    • Add potato sliced, light soy sauce, salt, stir frying for 3 minutes , then add pointed pepper sliced, keep stir-frying until cooked, about 1 minute more.
    • Turn off the heat and transfter to a plate.
    • Serve with rice.
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